Welcome SECPTA Adventurers! We hope you had a fun summer and are energized for a year full of field trips! Access to fun, age-appropriate field trips is one of the many great benefits that members of SECPTA are provided. Our committee is looking forward to carrying on the tradition of planning exciting events for our members and their children. The 2014-2015 Field Trips Committee is hard at work planning some fantastic outings and we hope that you will join us!

Our committee’s goal is to provide fun, kid-friendly activities and events to help keep you and your family busy! Many of our trips are subsidized, so you can do things with your family you’ve always wanted, but maybe found too costly. Other trips provide access to places and events that only large groups are afforded. Come with us and enjoy outings with your children and the camaraderie of other SECPTA families!

We are always open to ideas and suggestions, especially at the beginning of the year, when we still have openings in the schedule. Please email any trip suggestions you may have to [email protected].

Looking forward to meeting you on a SECPTA field trip!

Field Trips Chair